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Mapex Drum Stools or Thrones

Drum Stool T200-TND Mapex Stool Throne Chrome-Free 24hour shipping No.1 Selling

Mapex Tornado 12" Diameter by 2.5" thick Round Cushioned Seat Single Braced Legs The no.1 selling drum stool 4.54KG

Mapex T575A Drum Stool Throne Vinyl Motor Bike Saddle Top Free 24 hour delivery

The popular motorcycle top design on the T575 throne ensures a comfy, secure ride whilst playing the wildest fills or the funkiest grooves. Jam packed with features, you'll get more than your moneys worth with the T575a. -

Newly Designed Saddle-style Cushioned Seat

Contoured Reinforced Foam Seat 17" wide by 4" thick

Durable Soft-Vinyl Seat Cover

Die Cast Memory Lock

Steel Tube Height Adjustment with Tube Collar Lock

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Mapex T575A

Drum Stool Throne Mapex T775 Saddle Top Throne with Backrest free fast delivery

With its 17” x 4” saddle-style cushioned top and adjustable back rest, the T775 throne is the pinnacle of support and comfort. The sloped leg openings of biomechanically shaped seat provide a free range of motion while the raised center and back edge help the player to maintain balance. The addition of a 4th double-braced leg makes this throne extremely stable. Ideal throne for long sessions and active drumming whilst supporting your posture.

We send items on a 24 hour delivery and a signature is required

Mapex T775