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Low Volume Whisper Sets

* The WHISPER Low Volume Cymbals lets you play cymbals at a low volume. Still, the feel and response from these cymbals are very similar to your regular cymbals. They are perfect for apartments, practice rooms, dorm rooms or any other noise-sensitive situation.

* Can be used for quiet practising, Music school situations, Stacking with regular cymbals for cool effects.

* The quality of WHISPER Series is top-notch. The modern manufacturing techniques combined with the strong zinc, gives you a real cymbal feel with a sophisticated look with a choice of fantastic colours.

* With these cymbals, you can play for a very long time without ear fatigue or hearing damage. These cymbals sound great when miked up in venues such as small function rooms and as a replacement for electronic cymbals with electric kits.

Each set comes with 14" Hi hats 16"&18" Crash and a 20" Ride & Bag.


These are electroplated

Whisper 14 16 18 20 set and bag BLACK in stock 04102021